With over 10 years of game and film industry experience, I manage, create and intergrate audio assets and content for computer games and broadcast .This includes management of inhouse and 3rd party staff, directing voice overs, localised dialogue organisation, foley recording and music sync licencing.
I have made games for facebook, mobile applications, PC, Xbox and PS3 console plateforms. working with both commercial, and/or proprietary audio implementation tools. Wwise, UDK, Fmod, Unity, Marmalade, and bespoke internal technologies and audio pipelines are all tools I am familiar with.
Not only do I have outstanding ability to create excellent, original content, but I can successfully integrate it into the final product. Im comfortable working in a team environment with other designers, actors, artists, producers, and programmers to ensure that great concepts make the transition from the microphone to the game on the shelves. I have proven skills and a unique artistic "voice" in terms of communicating and furthering a storyline via the medium of sound.
With extensive experience of sound design, environmental audio, vehicle engines, surface recording, and interactive crowd-simulation, I have created interactive sound spanning all genres of video games.
As an acomplished musician of 20 years, I also compose music when required, including theme songs for Rolla- bear, Little Horrors, Blur and the Moto GP titles.
The challenge of making and managing interactive hollywood quality sound effects is my passion.

Key experiences

•    Expert level experience using current digital audio editors and workstations (Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Sound Forge, Sound Miner and Audition.)

Game sound integration using middleware tools such as Cryengine, UDK, Unity, Prime, Umbrella, Monumental internal tec, and Xcode.
•    Comfortable working and installing professional recording studio environments
•    High level of understanding modern recording techniques and signal processing equipment
•    Proficient in mastering game ready audio assets (compression, EQ, sample rates, bit rates etc.)
•    Conforming, and mixing sound-to-picture in both stereo and surround formats
•    Equally comfortable working alone and in conjunction with the entire project team
•    Experience using and troubleshooting both Windows and Macintosh operating systems
•    Have shipped over 5 AAA PC, mobile and console titles as a lead sound designer
•    Sync licensed sound tracks for AAA console games, liaising with publishers and record companies such as Universal, Chrysalis and Ninja tunes.
•    I have released my own albums as an independent artist and have had critical acclaim with my music and film soundtracks
•    Good working knowledge of MS office and Google software to organise staff, assets and costing across all aspects of audio production, with scrum, agile and waterfall development techniques


Game Credits

  1. Game of Thrones- MMO computer game on Mac and PC. (2014-) Assistant Sound Designer
  2. Shards of War MOBA computer game on Mac and PC. (2014-) Assistant Sound Designer and Musician
  3. Drakensang Online- MMO computer game on Mac and PC. (2014-) Senior Sound Designer
  4. Blur Overdrive - Activision- Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer
  5. Rollabear - Matmi - Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer
  6. Moto GP 10/11 - Capcom - Xbox/ PS3 - Lead Sound Designer/ Composer
  7. Transformers Universe – Hasbro –MMO - Lead Sound Designer
  8. Moto GP 09/10 – Capcom –Xbox/ PS3 - Lead Sound Designer/ Composer
  9. Bag it and Bin it - Toolbox Design - Mobile App – Sound Designer
  10. Football Superstars – Cybersports – MMO - Lead Sound Designer/ Composer
  11. Universal Commander – Monumental Games – PC Browser - Lead Sound Designer/ Composer
  12. Little Horrors – Monumental Games – PC Browser - Lead Sound Designer/ Composer
  13. Hunters World- Monumental Games – MMO - Lead Sound Designer/ Composer
  14. Primal Rumble Rivet Studios - Facebook game –Sound designer/ Composer
  15. Chocks Away –PlayStyle Games- Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer
  16. BC Answers –PlayStyle Games- Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer
  17. Chucky's Farm –App Crowd - Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer
  18. Ouch!- –App Crowd - Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer
  19. Railroad Inc –App Crowd - Mobile App – Sound Designer/ Composer


Pinewood Studios - Sound Recordist -November – December 2011

I was a consultant and assistant for the bike recordings, based on my experience from recording Moto GP motorbikes on rolling roads for the Hollywood blockbuster Judge Dredd film.
I also gave lectures to the sound team to assist them in setting up their video game sound department that
went on to win awards for the audio excellence on ‘Brink’

The Open University
Composer and Consultant September-October 2011
I provided online interactive music for the BBC 4 program ‘History of the Symphony’ using midi instrumentation and sample libraries.

Somerset House
Ai Weiwei - Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads
Composer and Sound Designer July-August 2011
I composed the music and sound design to this short piece to promote the very controversial artist’s new work in the UK.

Brickhouse Studios
Sound Engineer – January 2001 – April 2005
In this role, I undertook the duties of an assistant sound engineer, working up to sound engineer whilst working here. This involved the recording of and mixing of bands, solo artists and voice-overs and producing several successful artists.

Other work
I have been working for the past 20 years as a studio and live musician with sound to picture and animation experience.