Grey Hairs - Emergency Banger

Heres a link to the the video i made recently for the very awesome ' Grey Hairs'

Fmod Designer to Studio

Why would any one move a whole live MMO from one audio system to another? yeah thats what we are doing at the moment. Argghhh!!!! 

Oculus Rift

Exciting stuff, the audio stuff that will go with this is going to be mental too!!! 

Ben Burtt Interviews

I thought id seen all the Walle behind the scenes stuff but found these today. 

Really cool indeed.





Ive just started to use the Cryengine 3 sandbox, the free version available from Crytek, and i absolutely love it, very similar to game engines ive used in the past such as Prime, Monumental Tec and UDK. Really nice , intuitive and easy to use, good fun too, genuinely enjoying using it. Good work!


ok, so i finally signed up to Twitter, i dont have a clue whats going on. It seems like Taylor Swift and Brittany Spears want to be my friend almost immediately and Ricky Gervais wont leave me alone!? I dont get it, i hate these people!

Bridge Constructor Answers

So this is an app i made with my Dad and some of my friends from Monumental Games.

Really proud of my Dad for getting this out there, fingers crossed it will do well.


Here goes

Ok so here is the new