I make and produce digital content for film, animation, business to business, pitches, marketing  and fundraising. I am familiar with motion graphics, full motion video, documentary film making and sound recording.  Here are a selection of projects ive been involved with as a film maker, camera man , sound recordist or designer, animator or musician.

In 2003 I was screened at the British Film festival at the National Film theatre on The Southbank in London, and last year a short film I made was screened at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Festival of the World during the London Olympic games.

Below are lots of examples of my work and projects i have been involved with.

God Damn - Red Checkered music video 2014. Director, camera and editor.

Beyond the Gates of Antares - I made a series of videos for a Kickstarter pitch for the table top board game designed by the World famous Rick Priestley

Dredd, the feature film, i assisted with the bike recordings.Using my experience recording Moto GP bikes for the computer games i worked on, i was asked by Pinewood Studios to help them record

A commissioned video i made for Veleco, the world's first Fair Trade and eco-friendly cycle-wear company.

I recently filmed the Student Rugby league regional finals for sportesk.com, for viral and website content, this was the first in the series.

Everything is Beautiful when you dont look down  A documentary i made about the Robots art collective making their sculpture for the 'Festival of the World' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery London last year. 

Meet the Robots >>>>A short film made with Robots art collective and the children of the Stockwell Oasis Project. It was screened at the Royal Festival Hall in London as part of the 'Festival of the World' during the Olympic games.

Parkour l'art du Déplacement A spoof comedy documentary i made about Parkour. It was screened at several film festivals and received very good reviews.


Amazing People Club -E-Learning, Christopher Columbus interactive media in Castle Vale School

Reverb, a dreadful feature film i worked on as the Sound Technical Advisor.

Ai Weiwei - Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads Somerset House, I composed the music and sound design to this short piece to promote the artist’s new work in the UK. 

Mermaids - A pop video i made for my band 'Medium Death Kick' 

KOGUMAZA remix of 'Silver' from Medium Death Kick's first album '100 hand slap' I made the video using stop frame and cinefilm.
check their stuff out here http://www.honeyisfunny.com/kogumaza/

Consider yourself at Home  - My first animated film, It was screen at the National film theatre as part of the BFI film festival in 2005

Sunshine Indoors, an animated film i made with Ryan Rodgers as part of my Masters in Post Production. It got very good reviews from the stop motion animation community

Reviewing the Situation  an animated film i made with Jack Cooper for my Masters final

Creative. Passionate. Hard-working. A technically-minded professional video producer and editor, experienced in most aspects of film production, from lighting and filming through to editing, sound mixing and rendering. A fast learner and a strong all rounder.

•    Highly experienced with current digital video and audio editors, vocal and Foley recording techniques, and signal processing equipment
•    Establishment, installation and management of professional editing and recording studio environments
•    Proficient in mastering and mixing sound-to-picture in both stereo and surround formats
•    Equally comfortable working alone and as part of large project teams
•    Experience using and troubleshooting both Windows and Macintosh operating systems
•    Creation of  pitch videos, assisting in over £3 million of total investment raised.
•    Liaison with publishers and record companies including Capcom, Universal, Chrysalis and Ninja tunes, Sync licensed soundtracks for AAA console games and marketing videos.
•    Competent in green screen and keying work, location and studio video production.
•    Game capture from console, PC and mobile devices. Bink and Sony Pamf game video conversion.
•    Good working knowledge of MS Office to organise staff, assets and costing across all aspects of video and audio production.

I use Premiere CS5-6, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, Encore, Pro Tools, Cubase and Audition.
Familiar with Photoshop, basic website construction with HTML video skills
Rendering in all formats from mobile applications, HD movies and ingame Full motion animatics.
Camera work such as stop frame, SLR, HD with Canon EOS 5, 600d, Black Magic, Red.
Plugins Trapcode, Boris and bespoke animation and motion graphic tools.