With over 13 years experience, I have a strong, long history of editing and integrating lots of great interactive audio into world class games.

Very much a team player, i work well with all departments and i am driven by delivering all assets on time and above expectation. Many years working on live MMO’s means bi-weekly branches to QA and live servers, so a culture of hitting deadlines has been paramount to my success.

Im a friendly approachable experienced mentor, manager and audio director, with an aptitude for multi tasking and delivering.

Not only do i conceptualise, schedule, design and produce high quality audio assets in accordance with the audio vision of the game, I manage the audio schedule/audio pipeline for my project and make sure high quality audio assets integrate into the game.

I can scope realistic deliverable targets when working with other sound designers, plan and work closely with project managers to be aware of pitfalls and problematic technical issues to maintain a smooth pipeline of achievable targets. From totally stripped out new production pipelines, to setting up QA audio workflows and test schedules, i have done it all over the last 11 years.Set the audio quality bar on all projects, define best working practises for the audio team. At big point i converted our pipeline from Fmod Designer to Fmod Studio on a live game,

I am an official Fmod Studio certified user.

I am a certified Fmod and Wwise Instructor with certificates from Firelight Technologies and Audio Kinetic.

Andy Gibson wwise Cert.png

I have in-depth knowledge and experience with many types of microphones and recorders.

From the lowly H4n to the Deva 16 channel recorder to the sounds devices 722 and back to the Sony PCM 10,  i have used many recorders and mics to record, football crowds, guns, rolling roads and animals. Sound Devices, Senhieiser, DPA’s Sanken and Neumann microphones are all kit I've used and setup to record loud subjects in the field. 

I am able to organise and engineer large-scale field recording sessions with dozens of mics and multiple recorders sampling indoor and out door sounds and collecting Impulse Responses for Convolution Reverbs.

 I have HTML, XML and CSS experience as well as python scripting and a very basic understanding of C++.

I have a Masters Degree in Post Production and Sound Design that i was awarded from the world-famous Bournemouth University and a Music Degree from Brighton University.


On 3 major projects i have been responsible for the recording and editing of all in game dialogue and localisation We have used celebrate talent and i have single handedly managed over 5000 lines of dialogue and localisation into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese on two AAA console titles and 5 fictitious languages on a high grossing MMO.


A Pro Tools and Cubase user for over 20 years, i have recently moved to Reaper.

I have lots of plugin and restoration and mastering experience with RX, Waves, Waves Arts, Fabfilter, Sound toys, Izotope etc, also batch processing and bulk editing with Sound forge and Wavelab. 

Being able to tracklay, mix and master linear media such as trailers and cinematics to high quality means I have made many adverts, commercials and cinematic cut sequences in 5.1 and 7.1 for in-game,marketing and promoting the product.

I have recorded engines, football matches, guns, rifles, and animals, on foley stages, live recordings, on location and in studio. I have contacts with Pinewood Studios foley stages so have access to the worlds best foley recording artists and in-house recording setups.

 I have worked on over 20 games, 6 console titles, 3 large scale MMO products 

Im proud to have won awards for my work on video games such as 

  • Bronze Telly Award for Original Game Soundtrack and use of music from Drakensang Online - The Rise of Balor.2016

  • Global Music Award - Best of Show Gold Medal Original Game Soundtrack Drakensang Online - The Rise of Balor. 2015

  • Deutscher Entwicklerpreis for Best Browser game - Drakensang Online 2015

Moto GP 10/11 intro video we made for the Capcom game at Monumental Games

Monumental Racing Studio  - a video we made to promote the racing studio to new clients.

Little Horrors  - a brilliant persistent world game we made for Facebook.

Moto GP 10/11 VS Real Life Footage. A promotional video i made at monumental to demonstrate the likeness between the game and the original footage from the sport .


Moto GP 09/10 Intro video. A Video we made in house for the intro of the Moto GP 09/10 game.

Smashing Planets  I made the promotional videos for this very cool mobile game.

Hunters World MMO hunting game we developed at Monumental games. I had great fun recording the sounds and ambiences for this, especially the deers, and the guns, both recorded separately, no animals were hurt in the making of this game!

Football Superstars, A video we made to secure additional funding and gain sponsors such as Puma and Reebok for the online football MMO 'Football Superstars'.

Universal Commander  - another game that never came out but could have been great. All built on Monumentals own tec it was a persistent sci-fi dog fighting game for Facebook

Munqi Game Pitch - Monumental Games A game pitch we made to support the tv series. I dont think the series ever came out in the end.

Visit Spain- Moto GP 10/11 In game advertising. a presentation we made for Visit Spain, it shows where their real life advertising in the video game.

Prime - Monumental Games Middle-ware Technology Suite

Monumental Prime Middleware tutorial Game Component System

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