Examples of engines I've made in games

I was approached by Pinewood Studios to help supply recordings of the larger bikes i had recorded for the GP games and these were used in the film Dredd .We recorded several official GP bikes on rolling roads, recorded on and off load, from idle to full revs, then crossfaded and pitched the loops in Fmod to achieve the dynamic acceleration. You can hear the 800cc GPs here.

Here are a few examples of different bikes on different tracks we made. all other sounds have been muted.

laguna seca, 800cc bikes from Moto GP 10/11

A comparision to real on board bike audio and the audio we recorded for the game

Tutorial videos demonstrating the Nebula tecnology pipeline used on Drakensang Online

Another tutorial i made showing how to set up audio groups within the Nebula Level Editor

A tutorial i made using the Nebula sequence and level editor

Part 2 of the audio group tutorial

Videos about what i do and behind the scenes

A presentation Malin and i gave to BigPoint Berlin Staff about the various different microphones we use for game development.
Drankensang Online Monster voice recording, some examples of the voices i recorded for Drakensang Online.

Heres a short interview with me talking about the music for Drakensang Online, The Rise of Balor. Jeff Broadbent and i won the Bronze in the 2016 37th Telly Awards of America for best score and Use of Music

fmod designer to fmod studio

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