I have worked with Andy when he was handing over the audio of the Drakensang Online project to me at Bigpoint over the duration of several weeks and then helping out as a remote sound designer for two more months.
He did not only do a great job with helping me getting into the project and by compiling a huge load of documentation – I also learned that Andy had just finished doing the painful transition from FMOD Designer to FMOD Studio as a middleware while this MMO was live without any interruption;
during that time he still managed to support a huge content update with lots of new audio.
The closest thing compared to this would probably be replacing the engine of a race car while it is still on the racing track without ever stopping the car.
He also was responsible for a massive list of improvements of the audio tools and pipeline, which helped me having a smooth start here as well.
So if you are looking for a skilled sound designer with a great technical understanding of game audio and the ability to stay calm while everything around him is on fire, please look no further – he is the man.
— Felix Zirwes Audio Lead at Bigpoint GmbH
It’s a pleasure to work with Andy at CI Games. As the Audio Director Andy helps our audio team with solving many problems, planning our work, talking and planning stuff with directors of other departaments in the company. Also Andy is responsible of directing voice over recordings for our game.
After over 6 months working with Andy I can tell that he proved his skills as the Audio Director and also let us know himself as the guy trully supporting the team. I hope I’ll have a chance to work with Andy on another project in the future!
— Przemysław Moszczyński - Senior Sound Designer at CI Games
I was able to work with Andy providing music for the game Drakensang Online. Andy is a superb audio leader. His guidance was very helpful in allowing me to understand the aesthetics and creative direction of the game. For each music cue Andy provided clear and specific feedback that made the process very efficient and focused. Because Andy understands both sound design and music, his feedback is well informed and accurate. He is also a very friendly person that is great to work with!
I recommend Andy highly - he is a fantastic leader for audio teams
— Jeff Broadbent Award-Winning Composer - www.jeffbroadbent.com
I’ve had a pleasure to work with Andy on recent game from CI Game “Sniper:Ghost Warrior 3”. Andy is doing great work as an Audio Director making sure my music is best suited for the game. He is professional and fun to work with. I hope we can continue our collaboration in future projects!
— Mikolai Stroinski - Composer for Film, TV and Video Games
Andy was asked to help our sound team to improve the product and raise the audio quality of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. During the very limited amount of time he was given, he proved that his organisational & audio directing skills are top notch. Thankfully, he was able to make a lot of quick decisions (and get the budget for them) that had a direct impact on the audio, solving many issues & improving the overall audio assets quality in many areas. He helped us to organise our work in agile manner, prioritise tasks, organise & direct dialog recording sessions and field recording sessions. He also managed to fill a lot of communication gaps and allowed sound team to keep in line with the dev team.
Not to mention, that he is great guy, with great sense of humour! I look forward to work with Andy again
— Marcin Sobczak Senior Sound Designer CI Games
Andy came into the project during a difficult time, as there had just been a change in project leadership, processes were being reworked and the sheer size of the technical debt was being uncovered. Audio was not in a good shape, but thanks in a large part to Andy’s diligence, enthusiasm and sheer force of will, things started to improve. A new audio middleware was integrated and several unnecessary implementation steps removed. Andy’s experience proved vital here, as before you can fix something you need to know in what way it’s broken and how it should ideally work, which he always communicated with urgency and professionalism. We also changed the way we created original music, with Andy taking over the outsourcing process, owning it completely and achieving great results. I wouldn’t hesitate a single moment to recommend Andy
— Jonathan Lindsay - Producer at Bigpoint GmbH
I was lucky enough to work with Andy over a period of six months at the Berlin office of BigPoint, were I was constantly inspired by his commitment and professionalism to his work and his conduct to his colleagues. Andy was an insightful contributor to lead meetings and show advanced understand of the complete development process and was able to add increasing value to a number of the project I worked on. In a personal capacity Andy was keen on developing a studio culture and was able to demonstrating this by creating events for the team which did bring a personal touch to the studio, he was also keen to help new comers and created a ‘how to get your self settled’ guide to Berlin. I hope and look forward to working with Andy in the future and wish him the best in all his new direction.
— Ashab Lehmann Martin Senior production artist
Andy is an outstanding sound designer and a great educator. His depth of knowledge and industry wisdom are truly awesome and we are very lucky to have him as part of the ThinkSpace Education team.
— Guy Michelmore - Course Director ThinkSpace Education
I’ve been working with Andy for 1 1/2 years now and he’s really been a great colleague! I’ve seen him work really hard to improve the difficult technical workflow on Drakensang and spite the frustrations he’s mostly had a cheeful smile on his face. He’s dedicated, talented and fun to be around
— Malin Arvidsson Senior Sound Designer at Bigpoint GmbH
Andy is a very likeable person and a great sound designer. He motivates a team due to his positive personality. He has acquired large game audio experience + 10 years, gone through both worlds employed and freelance. He´s a musician and video editor which is rare in the industry. He has the stamina to go through challenging situations within a production cycle. He never loses sight of the big picture
— Philipp Muckenfuss - Audio Director at Deep Silver FISHLABS
Andy came to Northbrook College to talk to our music production students about sound within games. He gave us a really clear breakdown of the production process, working within a team, showed us how the sound is assembled and integrated with middleware and the game engine. Certainly for me, areas I was not previously familiar with. A really enjoyable session for everyone with lots of good feedback!
— Julian Tardo Senior Lecturer Music Production Northbrook College
Andy is a great person to have on your side - passionate and energetic but also someone who works naturally as part of a team and copes with pressure in a professional and reassuring manner
— Rick Priestley Games Designer
Andy has an excellent and solid working knowledge of FMOD Studio. His work in game projects speaks for itself. A combination of years of experience, practical working knowledge and the ability to ship product are all key aspects of Andy’s approach to the industry
— Stephan Schütze Director of Sound Librarian
Andy and I met at BigPoints FMOD certification class with Stephan Schütze. From the beginning it turned out he is a very skilled Sound Designer with a lot of experience and cool handy ideas for Game Audio integration. In addition to that he is a very nice guy and we are still in contact/discussion about Game Audio
— Stefan Randelshofer Audio Director at Ubisoft

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